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Auto insurance quotes – types of policies

Auto insurance is a type of product that is designed to cater to different car owners' needs. And when you have millions of customers you have to be sure that there are products that will suit any group of people. That's why auto insurance companies have different types of auto insurance policies to offer. When looking for auto insurance quotes you will definitely notice that some policies are much cheaper or costlier than others and offer different sets of coverage. So in order to be sure that you get exactly what you need make sure to learn the basics of the main auto insurance types:

Fully Comprehensive

Fully comprehensive auto insurance policies are the most expensive yet the most common in the US. They carry most coverage options and will protect your car against all main perils starting with collision to such things as vandalism and theft. And you don't have to show proof of who's at fault in order to get covered. Fully comprehensive policies are so widespread because they are required by lending institutions when taking out auto loans. Knowing how many financed cars are there on the roads it shouldn't come as a big surprise.

Third Party Fire and Theft

This type of auto insurance is a stripped-down version of fully comprehensive policies. With third party, fire and theft you gain protection against some of the most common perils your car can face but for a lower price. This policy type will best suit car owners who have already paid off their loans yet still have significant value on their cars to insure.

Third party

Third party auto insurance is the most stripped down and inexpensive option you can get. Auto insurance quotes for this policy type are the lowest you can find but on the other hand you get only the third party liability coverage. It only covers situations when you were at fault in an accident with another car or someone's property. Third party liability is the only type of coverage required by law but it's certainly not the only one that can be useful. So be cautious when buying this type of auto insurance.


Specialized auto insurance policies are usually purchased for classic, vintage and collectible cars that represent a particular historic and visual value. These policies are usually very restrictive and have higher auto insurance quotes however they best cater to the needs of classic and vintage car owners.